Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Dear Patient
KAUH staff is committed to providing excellent health care services. We believe that excellent patient care begins with establishing a partnership between the patient, his/her family, and staff at KAUH.
We would like to introduce to you what to expect from the staff and also what may be expected of you as our respected patient. We hope that you read it and never hesitate to ask any questions for clarifications.

Patient Rights
1- To receive care and treatment in an environment free from discrimination of age, gender, nationality, religion or medical condition.
2- To expect the diagnosis to be accurate and receive effective assessment and management of pain by qualified medical staff.
3 - To accept or refuse medical care/treatment after consequences of refusal has been explained to you. You may be requested to sign the "Against Medical Advice Form."
4 - Treatment plan or medication will not be given unless it is medically required.
5 - To be seen by a Consultant or a Senior Registrar within 24 hours of admission and on a daily basis thereafter.
6 - To be provided with all necessary information to allow you to consent for any proposed procedure or course of treatment in a language you can fully comprehend.
7 - To be provided with all necessary information to allow you to give consent for surgery/procedure that are carried out specifically for teaching during clinical conference, workshop or demonstration in a language you can fully comprehend.
8 - To cancel any consent to a medical procedure before it starts.
9 - To be clearly informed of the diagnosis,treatment plan, possible significant complications or side effects, and the required follow-up plan .
10 - Not be a subject of medical experimentation or research without your approval.
11 - To be assured of privacy and confidentiality with regards to your medical and social information unless legally requested from authorized entity or by your consent.
12 - To be provided with health education about your disease to assure stability of your health condition after being discharged.
13 - Follow-up plan to be coordinated and explained to you at the time of discharge.
14 - To have the opportunity to discuss and comment on the care and services you are receiving.
15 - To seek second medical advice without fear or threat of compromising care plan.
16 - To be provided with discharge summary, medical report or sick leave report if needed.
17 - To have communication with the Patient Relation representative or hospital administration in order to discuss any request or complaint.
18 - To be discharged from the hospital in accordance with your Consultant's recommendations with appropriate medications, follow-up appointments and if required the instructions or education for care at home.
19 - To receive spiritual support if requested in accordance to laws and regulations of the Kingdom.
20 - To receive information on the process of withdrawal of life sustaining treatment policy of the hospital.
21 - To have all patients' rights applied to the person who may have legal responsibility to make decisions regarding medical care on behalf of the patient.
22 - Whenever possible the ICU team will allow only one member from the patient’s family to attend the medical procedure in the Intensive Care Unit .

Patient Responsibilities
1 - To provide complete, accurate personal data at the time of registration and admission.
2 - Provide complete and correct information about your health problems to the health care providers.
3 - To understand that this is a university hospital where students of medical faculties and institutes are training and that they may examine patients who are admitted in the hospital.
4 - To observe and abide by all Government regulations, ethical laws, proper dress code, and good behavior.
5 - To observe and abide by the KAUH rules which are as follows:
   o Smoking is totally prohibited in the hospital premises.
   o Wandering between hospital rooms and hospital departments is totally prohibited to ensure that the privacy of patients is not violated.
   o Visiting hours and visiting rules shall be followed so that visitors will not be present during the non-visiting hours.
   o Visitors' and staff rights shall be observed, and should be given proper respect.
   o Abide by department/unit rules that are providing your medical care or service.
   o Present yourself half an hour before time and inform the hospital at least 48 hours if you are unable to attend your appointment.
   o Follow the treatment plan that has been provided to you by health care providers.
   o Take care while handling any property or equipments belonging to the hospital.
   o Patients and their visitors shall take the responsibility of their personal belongings. If belongings are left with the security department in a safe box, the patient will be issued with a ticket for retrieval purposes.
   o Patients have obligation to leave the hospital at the time of receiving the discharge report from the doctor.

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