KAU Hospital

University Medical Center Private

Our vision is to become the best Private leading family healthcare provider in the Makkah Region

Our mission is to deliver international standards of excellence in family healthcare through highly skilled staff, state of the art technology, and world - class environment. We are committed to delivering the best care possible to every patient we treat.


* Islamic principles: ethics, honesty, integrity, and equity.
* Excellence: quality, learning, and continuous improvement.
* Self-sufficiency: independent support systems and resource development.
* Accountability : safety, professionalism, loyalty, and commitment.
* Human Dignity: confidentiality , privacy, trust, and respect.

The socio-economic progress of a nation depends on the well-being and productivity of its citizens. Consistently, consequently qualitative and world-class preventive and remedial healthcare is therefore quite essential to ensure the prosperity of future generations and enable them to lead coveted standards of living and contribute significantly to society.
With this long-term, enduring vision in mind we aspire towards being the largest, most reputed and authoritative family healthcare provider in Makkah Region by principally focusing on specialized women’s and children’s health services, as well as medical and surgical specialties.
To do so, we have anchored our unique healthcare philosophy on the foundation of consistently employing technologically advanced medical solutions through state-of the-art equipment, tried-and-tested procedures and a highly qualified staff that is committed to constantly upgrade its knowledge-base. In delivering advanced healthcare consultation and treatment, we are also equally committed to assure patients of a comfortable, pleasant and congenial ambience within our premises – an approach which will certainly be conducive to the overall well-being and recovery of our patrons.

Clinic Schedule of Consultant in Private Section

You can find the clinic schedule of consultant in private section in this link

 Internal Medicine
* Cardiology
* Endocrinology & Diabetes
* Gastroenterology
* Pulmonary
* Dermatology & Venereology
* Nephrology

* Pediatric surgery & laparoscopy
* Oral maxillofacial surgery
* Urology
* Ophthalmology
* Otolaryngology or ENT
* Bariatrics
* Orthopedic & Bone surgery
* Surgical Oncology
* Thoracic (Chest) surgery

* Pediatrics & Neonatology
* Pediatrics Cardiology

Clinical Support Services
* Physiotherapy
* Psychology
* Clinical Pharmacy
* Diet & Nutrition
* Diagnostic Imaging
* Laboratory

University Medical Center facilities
* Patient Relations Office
* Admitting, Transfer and Discharge a patient Office
* Evening outpatient clinics
* Booking and appointments
* Accounting/ Bill payment

Making an appointment :
Morning clinics from 11:00 until 15:00 and on Saturday
Night shift from 16:00 pm to 22:00 Sunday to Thursday

Admission Office :
Works for 16 hours from 8 am to 12 pm daily

Booking :
On Saturday morning period of time until 11:00 and 15:00
Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 till 22:00

For more information , please contact:
Tel: 6401000 to 6408222 Ext: 16666 to 12222

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